How Should Keywords Be Placed into the Seller Central Backend Searchterms?




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    Cozza Davis

    Re: Single/plural and filler words - Doesn't this advice go against the new Amazon recommendations? 

    Re: Order of keywords - Can you please clarify? Do you mean that the words within your title are weighted in order of appearance? eg.  Winter (1)  Wooden (2) Dog (3) House (4) 

    As confused as ever!!!

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    Sellics (Edited )

    Hi Cozza,

    thanks for your comment!

    All we meant there is that the order of keywords naturally only matters in the visible content that people see, because the keywords of course need to fit certain sentences.

    Backend Keywords, which this article is about, are of course not visible and so the order does not matter. They are not weighed differently, although in the case of the title you may want to keep in mind that on mobile devices only the first roughly 70 characters are visible, so you could argue the first few keyword positions are more important.

    Regarding Amazon's recommendations, as mentioned in the article it is in theory enough to include one version (singular or plural), but in practice we have found that not to be the case, so you're on the safe side if you include both versions.

    Hope this helps!

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    Cozza Davis

    Absolutely, thank you! Can the same be said for including common misspellings?

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    Yes :)

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