How much historical data is available?




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    Mdsmoune (Edited )

    Hi David,

    When you say "Via Amazon's MWS API integration Sellics receives 1 month of historical data." Does this mean Sellics will go as far back as one month when you first connect your sellics account to amazon, and will continue to collect all data after that? Or does that mean that Sellics will never have more than just the previous month's worth of data?


    Mohamad S

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    David Zimmermann

    Hey Mohamad,

    thanks for the question, this should probably be a bit more clearer above!

    It's the former, ie. your data will be stored and you will, for example, have 2 months of sales history after one month.

    I hope this helps!



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    Thanks for the quick answers and clarification. That's better than the latter option!

    That's still a tad unfortunate in a way, as we signed up hoping to collect data on our historical profits as well. Not a make or break deal, but I think that would be very helpful for anyone moving over from another service, or even trying these services for the first time.




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