How do Rules for PPC Automation Work?




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    how long does it take for the rules to be actually activated? i have waited about 24 hrs already and nothing is showing up in the change log :(

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    Hey Harry,

    it takes at least 24 hours, you can read more about the timeframes that are considered for this here:

    Please contact us at if you see any keywords in a certain timeframe, that should have triggered an action via one of your rules.




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    Liu Luke

    if Sellcis can adjust cpc based on the keyword rank?I want to keep my product be the first or second sponsored product,when I drop,I hope Sellcis can help me to add cpc.


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    Hey Liu,

    thanks a lot for that question! This is not yet possible, but this is the exact kind of functionality that we are working towards with our "all-in-one" approach, ie. to build synergies between various features, such as rankings tracking and PPC.

    I have now added your vote for this particular extension and you will be notified once this becomes available in the future!


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